Our Team

Our Team

We’re Focused on Performance, So You Can Focus on Your Passions.

The work we do is technical and complex, requiring a high degree of skill and a considerable amount of knowledge and experience. But it is also a people business, demanding that we truly understand the people behind the numbers–and the passions that drive them.

Applying both our knowledge of the investment landscape and our understanding of each client’s unique goals and circumstances, we distill a broad universe of choices down to the most suitable investments. And then we pursue these investments with intelligence, energy and a healthy amount of caution.

Our mission is to help busy, successful people like you manage the details of your finances so you’re free to focus on the business of life.

Think of BFS Wealth Management as concierge-level financial guidance. As we like to say, "When it comes to your money, we will do everything except walk the dog.'"