Securities-Based Lending

Sometimes in life, opportunities knock, needs arise or it finally becomes time to turn a dream into reality.

Raymond James Bank offers a flexible spending solution that addresses borrowing needs without disrupting investment plans. The Raymond James Bank Securities Based Line of Credit is a flexible line of credit that can be collateralized by one or more Raymond James accounts, providing increased borrowing power at competitive interest rates. And setting up the line costs nothing…no costs are incurred until funds are drawn on the line, and even then, only a competitive interest rate is charged.*

* Securities-based Line of Credit may not be suitable for all clients. Borrowing on securities-based lending products and using securities as collateral may involve a high degree of risk. Market conditions can magnify any potential for loss. If the market turns against the client, he or she may be required to deposit additional securities and/or cash in the account(s) or pay down the loan. The securities in the pledged account(s) may be sold to meet the collateral call, and the firm can sell the client’s securities without contacting them. The interest rates charged are determined by the market value of pledged assets and the net value of the client’s Capital Access account.